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Healthcare Coordination

"Our family recently had a difficult situation as our father, who had been a doctor until he was 83 and taking care of others his entire life, was struggling with life and aging challenges but didn't want to ask for assistance. We needed a mediator and an advocate for our family. Mona reviewed our budget, our insurance, listened to our requirements and then helped us decide on an assisted living facility while all along making our father a part of the decision. She made what could have been very painful and difficult situation, a smooth and even enjoyable process for all involved.

Mona is kind, efficient, organized, skilled, and the depth of her knowledge and experience as an RN and entrepreneur creates the opportunity for creative and effective problem-solving. Her professionalism, ability to listen and her caring nature is an inspiration to anyone who works with her. She exceeded the expectations of my family and my father and would do the same for anyone who hires her."

-- SUSAN S --

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